Morningstar or FE?

Hello!  I am a user of FE Analytics, a client of mine subscribes to Morningstar Workstation and is asking what is better - FE or Morningstar.  Does anyone with experience of both have a view please?




  • richallumrichallum Administrator
    We use FE but have used MS too. MS has possibly a slightly better dataset (no dreaded 'other' category in asset allocation) and better eye candy but it's very clunky to use.

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  • I use Morningstar Adviser Workstation but used FE Analytics with my last firm.  I find MAW much more comprehensive and flexible.  I like the clipboard for charts and the ability to import client holdings from a range of platforms, which saves you inputting/updating portfolio values/weightings.  I can see Richard's point about being clunky but I think its a bit like any software, if you can spend a bit of time exploring the functionality you can get quite slick and able to produce a wider range of output quite quickly and once you do MAW is the more powerful of the two.
  • I prefer FE; taking StevC's points into account above, i would say Analytics now allows for all of those features so which one is better is merely down to user preference on interfaces. I also like that FE is UK based whereas Morningstar is a US owned corporation. Analytics has come on leaps and bounds in the last three years and I like that they are listening to feedback with continuous developments.
  • I only have experience of FE Analytics and find it very good, particularly the support that we receive that from them.
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