R06 Oct19

Anyone doing R06 this Oct?

I've seen some threads from previous sittings and thought it might be useful to have one for the Oct exam where we can bounce ideas off each other and hopefully help each other.

What's everyone's tactics? I'm not buying the CII materials, and instead planning to go to a revision day and buy an analysis, but I haven't decided which one yet.


  • Hiya

    I am doing R06 October too. I do have the CII revision materials at the moment, just working through past papers.

    I plan on buying analysis but not attend a revision day as they are foo far/expensive for me.

    Struggling with which analysis to buy though!


  • Dxm87Dxm87 Member

    I'm doing this in October, was thinking of doing R04 just before but now I'm thinking I should just concentrate on this as it may be a bit too much.

    So how is everyone approaching this? Not sure how long I should study for and how I should structure my revision.

  • I took R06 in July 2018. I used the CII textbook and bought Brand Financial Training's analysis, which I found really helpful.

    Paraplanner. DipPFS. Quite likes pensions.

  • I’ve used Brandft and Wizard for R06 case studies and I found both good but Wizard was the more comprehensive of the two. I would recommend the brandft calculation workbooks generally though (not specifically for R06 as it’s relatively calc lite). I’m trying expert pensions for AF5 so ask me later what I think of that :)

  • I've just passed R06 (results day was Friday). I would say the textbook is only worth reading if you haven't recently completed your other R0 exams. It's basically a recap of everything you've already learnt, along with a few extra bits about the advice process which are helpful for your job but not for the exam.

    I attended an L&D Digital course (paid for by my employer) and would definitely recommend it.

    It's definitely worth trawling the past papers for model answers that might apply to your case study. There's not a lot you can study until you receive your case studies - as you don't know what they will cover. CII released them a day early in July so keep checking the website as you approach case study day.

    It's also worth noting that the exam is unlikely to ask you to do calculations.

  • This is an exam with 100 study hours suggested by the CII. So anyone thinking that a one or two day workshop is enough is asking for the wrong result. I train this subject regularly and the people that pass are those that work just as hard for it as for any of the others. We do an R06 study guide which includes lots of generic practice questions and answers and gets you practicing the right question answering techniques form the start. Which is essential for an exam pass. The get on a workshop - it is essential to get some practice on questions and answers based on the actual case studies themselves. You can email me at luiza@bespoketrainingsolutions.com if you want some info. And good luck to all those sitting in October.

  • I too am sitting the exam in October and this should be helpful! I have pre ordered Brand, although hearing a lot more positivity around RedMill.

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