Standard Life buying AXA Elevate

Good or bad in people's opinions? I'm currently firmly in the 'bad' camp but am willing to be swayed by good arguments (sounds like  brexit vote all over again)


  • I've not made my mind up. Depends what SL have in mind. This is quite a good piece on the subject though.
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  • Hi Dan, that is a helpful article and I always respect what Abraham has to say, though I was always taught to be sceptical and question everything, and I still very much do!

    I'm biased as I'm not a fan of SL WRAP which certainly doesn't help my view of the situation, but it just feels like there are all manner of issues that could result in bad outcomes for clients.

    Obviously it won't go through until probably Q4 later this year so there is time to sit back and take a view on it (again a bit like Brexit!) As this is the first time I can remember such an event happening, and there were plenty of people predicting it would, I hope it brings about some good debate among our community.

  • Its not really an issue for us a a business as we don't use either platform.

    We have taken on one client with assets on AXA Elevate so we'll (I will) have to decide what to do for them.

    Consolidation within the platform arena is badly needed. Perhaps this will mark the turning point and we will begin to see more mergers and/or acquisitions. I'm not concerned that one of the big players was unable to make their platform profitable; they don't deserve success just by throwing money at it.

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