Level 6 Advanced via LIBF (Previously IFS)

Hi everyone,

I have just taken part in the exam / revision help webinar which was useful, however it seemed very focused on revising for CII exams.  I did my level 4 via the IFS as it was previously known as I found their exam route suited me better in terms of my learning style, and I am now currently embarking on doing my level 6 via the same exam board.

Has anyone on here done level 6 via the IFS, and if so do you know of any websites or companies that offer additional revision support where you can get your hands on some additional materials such as past exams or case studies to look through?  Maybe even a You Tube channel where you can access audio / visual revision as today's webinar suggested rather than just reading. 
Dan Willers (DipFA)
Technical Assistant
Robertson Baxter


  • Hi Dan, I have one adviser going down this route and we've added in the Expert Pensions for him for the tax and trust route. 

  • Hi Susan,

    That's good to know.  I am currently registered for the Tax, Trust and Tax Compliance unit so I might get in touch with Expert Pensions and see what additional help / support they can offer.

    Thank You.



    Dan Willers (DipFA)
    Technical Assistant
    Robertson Baxter

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