Capital gains tax calculator

What CGT tools are you using?  Several platforms have good ones but what are you using that is not provider based?  A stand alone tool that can account for regular contributions would be good.

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  • It's a nightmare without a tool. I had to do some of our clients a few years ago by hand. Took ages...
  • Provider based tools should be the best option if they have them because they should also be taking into account any accumulation dividends and equalisation payments, which if you've ever had to do by hand for a client of 30 years is perhaps one of the most painful things I have ever had to do.

  • KatM Member
    I use TFP Calculator, it's quite comprehensive as far as the calculations it offers. 
  • There's a CGT calculator here: that takes into account all the share matching rules, taper, indexation etc. The UI is a little rough around the edges but the output seems to be ok and it's free.

    Jonny (paraflex)
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