We are looking at Genovo as an alternative to PPOL which we currently use. Just wondered if anyone has experience of Genovo and what you think of it?? Thanks



  • We have used Genovo for a bit and now do our own templates. It is quite customisable but (as is possibly the case with PPOL) not so great if it is a complex case. They do know their stuff which helps and the technical sections are kept bang up to date. 
  • We're looking at them too Carly and was quite impressed with the presentation. Dan, are the templates updated quickly post legislative/tax updates?
  • We may also look at Genovo. We use in house templates at the moment but trialled PPOL for a few months and aside from one adviser who really liked it, the rest of us absolutely hated it. I personally found PPOL to be very client unfriendly in terms of the way the report was presented. The Genovo example report looks to be much better from that perspective.
  • @Suse1969 they are very quick to update their standard text. It can be quite a bullet pointy (and tabley) output which I liked (to an extent) but didn't go down too well otherwise. Can be a good starter but investing time in personalising is necessary to make them into great reports. 
  • Thanks @DanAtkinsonUK. ;I've been quite anti standard text but we're getting bigger and need a controlled method of ensuring consistency without compromising the personal side (which is so important isn't it!).

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